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Design Template - 20 oz Handled Tumbler

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FREE for all customers - Digital Design Templates to help you design your items with easy to use .pdf files.

Sized for laser with 24" X-axis bed

Our smallest lasers use a 24" x-axis, and all our rotary templates are built to those standards. You can copy and paste our files into your laser program for a nearly perfect 360 degree wrap. (For best results, we suggest a chuck-style rotary with a 2" or larger focal length. On handled items, you may need to remove air assist cones or nozzles to ensure the rotation of the handle will not hit your laser head.)

  • Dotted lines indicate center of field. Hide that layer when transferring to laser.
  • Red and blue lines are for left and right side designs.
  • For full wrap, ensure your design is the entire height of the artboard.

Templates are free! Just add to your cart, and if you aren't purchasing anything else, when you check out, you will have to enter your customer information. After you proceed to the payment page, you will see a note that your order is FREE and you just have to click the button to submit order.

Wait a minute or two and you can download directly from the order page! Or, simply close out of the screen and your files will be mailed directly to you.