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20 oz Stainless Steel Blank Insulated SureGrip Tumbler with Lid

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  • 20 oz. Stainless Steel Polar Camel Tumblers features double-wall vacuum insulation with a clear lid. The mug has a narrower bottom to fit most standard cup holders. It is 2X heat & cold resistant compared to a normal tumblers. Polar Camels are made from 18/8 gauge stainless steel (18% chromium/8% nickel) - also known as Type 304 Food Grade.

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  •  Polar Camel 20 oz. Vacuum Insulated Suregrip Tumbler with Clear Lid- Specs

    • Double-wall, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, vacuum insulated drinkware
    • Holds ice all day
    • Keeps hot drinks hot for 8 hrs (temp rating up to 212 degrees)
    • Fits most cup holders
    • Includes open mouth lid
    • 20 oz capacity,
    • Overall dimensions: 3 3/8"(L) x 6 7/8"(H)
    • Diameter: 3.375
    • Height: 6.875
    • Weight: 0.858lb
    • Colors available: Stainless Steel, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Mint/Seafoam, Light Blue, Lavender/Light Purple, Purple, Gray, Navy, Orange, Maroon, White, Green, Yellow, Coral, Olive Green
  • How do I clean after laser engraving?

    • Please see the "templates & instructions" tab

    How long does it take to ship my blank tumbler order?

    • From order receipt until it's packed and on the truck: 1-3 business days

    How long does it take to receive my blank tumbler order?

    • Pickup: Ready in 1-3 business days. We will send you an email when it's ready.
    • Shipped items: Shipping adds an additional 1-6 days after your order is packed, depending on how far you are from Wichita, KS.
    • If you are on a deadline, CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING so we can let you know if we can meet your deadline or if you will need up upgrade shipping.
  • Template

    Coming soon

    Lasering & Cleaning Instructions:

    Supplies needed:
    - This item
    - Cleaner (see below for recommendations and cleaning instructions)

    Laser Raster settings:
    - 60 watt - ULS brand laser - Density 4, Speed 55%, Power 100%
    - 35 watt - glass tube laser - DPI 600 Speed 45% Power 100%
    - 60 watt - glass tube laser - DPI 600 Speed 80% Power 100%
    - 120 watt - glass tube laser - DPI 600 Speed 60% Power 55%
    - 80 watt -Trotec brand laser- PPI 600 Speed 45% Power 100%
    Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
    Settings will vary depending on the Brand watt and model

    Lasering Flat:
    1. Place in laser so area to be engraved is as flat and level as possible. You may want to use a jig or legos to do this. Designs 2.25" wide and less give the best results on 30 oz tumblers. You will want to shrink a bit on skinny tumblers.

    Lasering in Rotary:

    1. Level your tumbler in the rotary before you engrave for best results. For tumblers with variable diameters, like a 30 oz tumbler, you want the area where your design will go to be the part that is level. Refer to your equipment manual for rotary tool leveling instructions.

    2. If you're doing a fulll-length engraving, tilt your rotary so the entire area to be engraved is as level as possible. (This is usually the point where the bottom of the tumbler and the band where the powdercoat meets the steel lip are both the same distance from your lens.

    3. Focus at the point halfway between the highest and lowest points when the tumbler has been leveled parallel to the laser's x-axis.This is typically very close to where the powdercoat meets the steel lip.

    Clean up:
    1. After lasering, use a de-greasing cleaner to clean the tumbler. Spray on the engraved area, let sit for up to 30 seconds, and wipe off with a terrycloth rag. We prefer Dawn Powerwash, available at most grocery and hardware stores. LA Awesome is a good second option.
    2. For difficult colors, we recommend following the de-greasing step with a magic eraser/melamine sponge slightly wet with denatured alcohol.
    3. Follow with a quick rinse or a wipe with a damp rag

    • Notes for difficult colors:
    • Gray - do not scrub with magic eraser, do not let degreaser sit. Spray and wipe immediately to prevent discoloration.
    • Navy / Blue - if a blue tint remains, scrub fairly vigorously with a melamine sponge wet with denatured alcohol
    • Glitter/glossy colors - do not scrub with a melamine sponge. If your tumbler isn't coming clean with degreaser, apply VERY GENTLE pressure with a melamine sponge wet with denatured alcohol.
    • Tough residue - If you didn't quite have enough power and have a few spots that didn't laser through, acetone on a q-tip can be used to very carefully clean the steel patches. Be precise with q-tip placement, as acetone will discolor the powdercoat if it gets on the part you're not trying to remove.