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Fuh-Cup™ Tumblers - 20 oz Water Bottle

Original price $6.90 - Original price $6.90
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$6.90 - $6.90
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Sometimes our laser operators accidentally run too many of one design, or run it on the wrong color, or (gasp) spell something wrong. Other than Fred not wanting a cup that says "Ferd", there is nothing wrong with these cups aside from the engravings. They all come with their original lids and will be packaged in either their brand's box or a white box with a stock number on it with a thin white foam sleeve. Because of the nature of our mistakes, we can't guarantee which type of box you will receive.


Description of items available:


  • Powder coated - They will have a factory coated powder coating that has been engraved incorrectly. Usually the engraving is only on one side, but occasionally we use our mess ups for test engraving, so your cups may be covered with odd engraving. COLORS WILL VARY.
  • Stainless steel - These are silver tumblers that either have messed up black (permanent) engraving on them or a failed sand-blasting job. Some of them have the design ground off with a bench grinder but the texture is not the same as the original cup, and some have the black design still on them. Sorry, we can't take requests on which you get.