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9 oz SUBLIMATION white curve sippy cup insulated tumbler

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Now you can easily make mommy and me matching sublimation tumblers for your littlest customers! 9 oz sippy cup includes screw on lid with handles and a spill resistant silicone insert.

Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best
results. Settings will vary depending on the oven brand and model ink and
paper and atmospheric conditions.

Supplies needed:
- sublimatable substrate (mug)
- wrap
- sublimation transfer
- scratch paper
- heat tape

Mug heat press settings:
- temperature - 400 degrees F
- dwell time - 4:00 - 4:30 minutes

1. cut your transfers so that the transfer is slightly larger vertically than
the mug.
2. Position the substrate onto the transfer.
3. Tape two ends of the transfer near the handle of the mug using the heat
4. Wrap a piece of scratch paper around the transfer and mug taping if
5. Place the wrap onto the mug and snap closed.
6. Place in oven and use the settings above.
7. Remove items from the oven and remove wrap transfer and scratch paper. Use
heat resistant gloves if necessary - the items will be very hot.

- If the image of the final product appears light increase the pressure or
the dwell time slightly (10-15 seconds).
- If the image on the final product appears blurred or substrate appears
yellowed or has brown spots on the rim of the top or bottom of the mug reduce
the dwell time slightly (10-15 seconds).