Special Offer - Particulate masks (qty 1)

  • $2.95

Specs as noted in my Facebook post.

We imported these for our employees and friends/family to use, but we had a huge minimum order requirement, so we are donating 50% of our order to local first responders and a hospital my daughter works at,  and we are selling the remainder at $1 each above our landed cost to help offset our donation cost. If there is a huge demand for these, we will order more and they will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive. We ship these masks the next business day after they are ordered.

They come prepackaged and factory sealed in packages of 10 masks, so if you order less than 10 (or not in multiples of 10), your order will arrive packaged in a ziplock bag instead of factory packaging. Our employees will use a fresh pair of food service gloves to open, pack, and reseal your order if you order less than 10.

Please note: each mask is $2.95. Each package of 10 masks is $29.50.

Thank you for helping stretch our donation dollars further!!!